Hair Care Tips

Proper maintenance will give your Posh Beauti Extensions longer usage.


  1. Co-wash your hair Use non sultfate shampoo and conditioner(Bed Head Red or Teal bottles give the Hair the best results) rinse well leaving no residue.
  2. Detangle starting from the ends working your way up using a wide tooth comb or wig brush 
  3. Air dry hair never sleep with wet hair can cause excessive matting and damage the hair
  4. Always wrap Hair using a satin or silk scarf or bonnet or sleep with a silk pillow case
  5. When dying hair always use a professional colorist if you’re not proficient with coloring hair *over processing can damage the hair 
  6. Suggested dyes to use JUST 5 when dying the hair BLACK ; L’Oréal High Colors when dying REDS, BLONDES, or OTHER COLORS both dyes are gentle on the hair and give great results without having to bleach the hair .